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Live wedding painting

Live wedding painting: How to book

I would love to join you to capture a special day in painting, using my signature style of textured acrylic paint with metallic embellishments, starting with a blank canvas and finishing with an expressive piece ready to hang in your home.

Choose from three canvas sizes, bronze, silver or gold as described below. Make sure to read through the information below carefully and browse through my portfolio of work to make sure I'm the right artist for the job!


60 x 40 cm canvas

Acrylic & mixed media

Option to take home on the day


*Excludes travel fees


50 x 70 cm

Acrylic & mixed media

Option to take home on the day


*Excludes travel fees


80 x 60 cm

Acrylic & mixed media

Will be taken back to my studio for finishing touches.


*Excludes travel fees

Before you book...

Please read through the frequently asked questions below, but feel free to email me at if you have a question that has not been answered. 


How long will it take?

I will paint for 2 - 4 hours, and both bronze and silver canvas sizes will be completed in this time. The gold size may well be completed, but I will likely add a few extra details back in my studio.  

Can you paint more than one painting?

I pour a lot of energy and focus into my artwork to make sure it's something I'm proud of, so I prefer to work one just one statement piece, to ensure I can complete it to a high standard.

I can work from photographs back in my studio if you would like an extra piece to complement the live painting afterwards. 

How far will you travel?

I am based in Hampshire, UK and prefer to travel to weddings closer to home in the South west of England, however, I am willing to travel further afield should arrangements allow, so please do enquire regardless. Please note that there is a travel fee of £12 per hour.

I will travel abroad to paint at your wedding, flights and any hotel expenses  will be added to the invoice.

Payments & booking

I take a 50% deposit to secure the booking, and to purchase any necessary materials and travel arrangements. The final 50% is due on the day.

You will 100% refunded should you need to cancel up to a week prior unless I have already paid for flights and accommodation that cannot be refunded.

Please let me know of any changes or cancellation requests asap.

What happens when the painting is finished?

If you are wanting to take the painting home with you on the day, it will be wired and ready to hang. On completion, I will notify my point of contact for the day to let you know it's finished. You may want to come over to have a look and possibly get some pictures next to it! It will then need to be placed somewhere safe to dry, so make sure your wedding co-ordinator has a place to put it.

Otherwise, I will take the painting home with me, tidy up the edges, add any extra details and varnish it before sending it to your address in a couple weeks. You may want me to hold onto it if you are going away on honeymoon.

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