"Shifting" Story behind the artwork

adjective: shifting changing, especially unpredictably.

This painting was inspired by Brighton's coast, and is based off a photograph that I took whilst sat on the beach one summer. I found it amazing to watch how fast the weather seemed to change above me, going from blue skies to dark clouds and back to clear again. I wanted to capture the movement of the skies, and the sea in this painting, and the idea that everything is constantly "Shifting". I wanted the painting to capture the bright light, as well as having stormy, dark clouds looming overhead.

Weather like this isn't always ideal, and I found myself cold and then hot, coat on, coat off. It's so unpredictable. When something is always changing, it can be hard to find that place of comfort and rest. `Instead, i wanted this painting to show the beauty of change, and to create the feeling of peace despite the shifting.

The painting depicts the moment underneath the dark clouds, but it shows that there is light in the distance, and also the promise of light to come.

This painting is still for sale, and can be found in the 'shop' section of my website. Please message me for me details. Thanks for reading,

- Sophie

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