A Pleasant Place

A Pleasant Place


"A Pleasant Place" Original


- Mixed media 

- A3 size paper

- Varnished, signed & comes unframed in a protective sleeve, or framed 

- Frames are white, made from a solid pinewood, with a shatterproof perpex front. Option to hang on the wall, or stand on a table.

- Free Uk Shipping


"A Pleasant Place" is inspired the beautiful rows of Poplar trees. There's something so eye-catching about the way they stand so tall and shaply, and when they blow in the breeze it's so peaceful and magical. 

I wanted to paint something that would bring that atmosphere into the home, acting like a window that will take you somewhere else, into another world where everything is easy and light.



  • Care Instructions

    Unframed work that comes in a protective sleeve can sometimes stick to the plastic. Do not worry if this happens, simply peel away the plastic gently to remove artwork - it will not peel off the paint work, it is just the stickyness of the varnish that causes this to occur.

    Frame instantly to protect artwork from dust and dirt. Once framed, keep out of intense periods of long sunlight to avoid fading.