A Simple Moment of Joy

A Simple Moment of Joy


"A Simple Moment of Joy" Original canvas painting


She knelt in front of the garden, poking at the soil. Her fingers traced the delicacy of the flower petals as she watched a tiny caterpillar scoot across a leaf. She was a flower in this garden too. Roses adorned her headband and a beautiful dress draped across her knees. She felt like a fairy in wonderland. Her mother tapped her on the shoulder, telling her it was time to go home, but the little girl wanted to stay. This was a day so magical she couldn’t help but feel that nature was her friend. Eventually, she pushed herself upwards towards the smile of her mother, her dress falling back down to her tippy toes. As they walked under the floral archway, she felt nature’s magic tingle in the soft palm of her hand. She wished she could hold onto it forever..


Written by @mymindspeaksaloud.


- 30 x 40 cm 

- Deep edged canvas, unframed, edges painted black

- Mixed media & acrylic

- Varnished & wired, ready to hang

- Signed front & back

- Comes with certifcate of authenticity