"Anachronism" Original canvas painting


Her dress is like the sky - perfectly blue yet changing, altering at every glance, and she is changing too. As she sits atop the well, a voice calls out from below. He’s telling her that her new self is welcome here, that we all live inside this world that, after we jump out of the well of our own habits, our life transforms. She says she doesn’t feel welcome in this fairytale. He tells her no one does - not when the sky rains glitter and the forest hides wolves and there’s no bridge between magic and utter despair. She watches her reflection in the murky waters but no longer dips her feet into the past. A pocket of light escapes the water’s surface - a reflection of the greater light above. .


Written by @mymindspeaksaloud 


- 60 x 80 cm 

- Deep edged canvas, unframed, edges painted black

- Mixed media & acrylic

- Varnished & wired, ready to hang

- Signed front & back

- Comes with certifcate of authenticity