"As If It Were Real" Paper study

"As If It Were Real" Paper study


Original painting from the "LIKE A DREAM" collection.


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- A3 Mixed media on paper.

- Signed, varnished & comes unframed in a protective sleeve.

- Free UK Shipping


"As If It Were Real" was inspired by a night dream where the dreamer (a young girl) went to a hot air balloon show with her mum. For years she believed that it actually happened in real life, despite her family telling her it never did.


In the original canvas painting of this dream, it is like you are actually there at the show, whereas in this paper study I explored a more distant view. (If you look closely you can see the tiny balloons on the horizon) Since this wasn't my own dream, it seemed fitting to paint this version from an outsiders perspective, and also to capture the idea of the real-ness of the dream slowly fading away as time passes.