From a distance

From a distance


- 30 x 30 cm

- Mixed media

- Deep-edged canvas

- Hanging wire attached.

- Varnished & signed, front & back

- Free UK shipping


"From a Distance" is one of favourite paintings, capturing a golden wheat field underneath blue skies. The name comes from the idea that when you look closely at this painting, it looks a bit of a mess of scribbles, marks, and splashes of paint, but when you take a step back and look at it from a distance, you can see the endless fields that it depicts. Sometimes we need to look at things from a new perspective, even walk further away and distance ourselves from it, to be able to understand what's really going on.


This painting is what I call a 'Window painting', in that it acts as another view in the home, helping to open up the space and bring a sense of the outdoors in. At it's small size, this painting would look great either hung on the wall or stood on a side unit.


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