My Dreams Are Me

My Dreams Are Me


"My dreams are me" Original canvas painting


you breathe in the scent of the day for the first time in a while. your chin reaches up to the sky, to the trees, to everything. you like to think fallen leaves make a home out of random people’s hair, like maybe you make a home out of living in your own little bubble. in the pace of your life you forget about all of this - breathing in... living within... dreaming... it all comes from inside of you. let the wind slap your cheek. let it remind you, remind you, to look.
Written by @mymindspeaksaloud.


- 30 x 40 cm 

- Deep edged canvas, unframed, edges painted black

- Mixed media & acrylic

- Varnished & wired, ready to hang

- Signed front & back

- Comes with certifcate of authenticity