Nobody's Home

Nobody's Home


"Nobody's Home" Original canvas painting


Artwork 3, from the "Dark Night" collection. Represents 10:30 PM


- A4 Size

- Acrylic & gilding wax on paper

- Varnished & signed front & back

- Comes with certificate of authenticity

- Framed in a black wooden frame, A4 size with a black mount.


"Nobody's home" is a small, A4 painting of paper, which depicts the inside of the barn shown in "dark night". This painting is made to look warm and cosy, the lights are on and it feels safe, but there is an emptiness here. When left completely alone, in silence, our thoughts can become all consuming and it's easy to think about the past and what has been, as well as what might be in the future. This is translated in the way that there is scribbly writing and loads going on on the walls. These marks are painted on in metallic shades, so they become visibly bright when under a bright light, but disappear a little in the dark.



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