House Portrait

House Portrait


This Christmas 2020 I am offering house portrait commissions, which make a brilliant gift idea for any family members.


These paintings will be created with ink and watercolour on quality 300gsm paper, and an example of what this looks like can be seen in the video above. Simply send me a high quality photograph/s of the house, either landscape or portrait, with a description of any important details, such as things you want to remove, colours, additional features etc.


- Choose between sizes A5, A4, A3 and A2

- Choose framed or unframed (Frames are ordered per request so commission may take longer to complete)

- Make it personal: add any specifications in the form eg. colour or black & white etc.

- Dependant on size, house portrait commissions can take anywhere from a week - 3 weeks to paint & deliver from start.

- Free Delivery



  • Refund Policy

    Once commission has begun, refunds are no longer accepted. Work will only begin once payment has been completed.

    * See terms and conditions for more information



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