"Shining from the inside"

"Shining from the inside"


Original artwork by Sophie Bridgland. 

"Shining from the inside"


This is a mixed media painting, made with acrylics, pens, & spray paint. The surface shimmers with a metallic sheen when hit by the light, hence the name "Shining from the inside". The stag is this painting represents confidence and assurance of one's identity. He has stayed true to his heart, and can hold his head up high, knowing he has remained honest and authentic. This knowledge glows from within.
This painting aims to serve you as a confidence boost. It is a reminder to be brave, to keep going, and to keep your head held high.


At a standard A4 size, it's very convenient for framing. Painted on thick, quality watercolour paper. Comes packaged in a protective cellophane sleeve, supported with a board backing. Gently remove artwork from packaging with gloves on to protect work from smudges and stains, and frame immediately. Avoid direct harsh sunlight to prevent fading.

If you love this style but would prefer a different source of inspiration, or would like one designed specifically tailored to your home decor, don't hesitate to contact me and commission your own for just 15% extra cost. This includes a pre-design sketch and complete personalisation.


Delivery costs: £3.50



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