Snowflake Bauble

Snowflake Bauble


Original hand-painted bauble "Snowflake"

Introducing my brand-new Christmas baubles. Each one has been hand-painted and is completely original and 100% unique.

This bauble has a snowflake design on top a a silver, white and blue abstract base. Written onto the bauble are the words "Light will always shine".
At Christmas time we light up our houses with decorations and candles, because it is a celebration of hope. These things bring joy to our hearts and remind us that there is lots to be thankful for, however when it's all over and the lights are taken down, it can feel like a dark few months until summer. The truth is, the light will always shine, even when Christmas is over, the hope is still alive and still shines.

-- Features --

- Painted on a lightweight, shatterproof bauble, that measures 7cm wide.
- The bauble has been varnished in a gloss to give it a beautiful and professional looking shine, as well as protecting the paint work for years to come.
- A silver cord is attached so it is ready to hang straight away.

-- Care instructions --

These baubles are shatterproof and varnished, however, they are still fragile and prone to scratches and damage if handled roughly. Please be careful when hanging and packing away, placing in a secure box where it cannot be scratched by sharp objects.

If well cared for, these baubles should last for many years.