Welcome to Sophie Bridgland Art. I hope that while you're here, you can enjoy my collection of original artwork, and possibly find something to bring into your own home to add colour and creativity onto your walls. 

I believe that to create something, is to fully embrace who we are as human beings. To allow ourselves to interpret what we see and feel, and to turn thoughts from the mind into something physical. That is why art is so fascinating. We are looking at something from someone else's perspective and experiencing a moment we have not lived.

About me

I have been painting on canvas for 8 years, but technically I have a lifetime of experience. Everything I have seen, done, imagined, dreamed, and made has shaped me into the artist I am today, and of course, will shape me even more in the future. Painting is the only thing I do that makes me feel like I have a bigger purpose, like I'm doing what I was born to do. 

I think it's fairly evident from my work, that I love to be in nature, more than anywhere else. I feel that the world around us has a lot to say, which is why my paintings always come with a message.  I always hope that my art will find a home with someone who needs to hear that particular message, and that it will be so much more to them than just a pretty picture.

THE Process

People have a lot of questions about the process behind an artwork - they wonder how long it took to paint, or what products where used, where did the idea come from, or who was it inspired by? I hope that you can find some of the answers to these questions in my blog. However, making art is not like baking a cake; there's no recipe, no timings, and no certainty of what my efforts will produce.

People have always noticed the variety of styles and subjects in my work and that is because I have chosen to never limit myself or force myself to stick to a certain theme or method.

 I will always paint anything, use anything and that's how I enjoy it. I'm confident that what I make holds value and meaning. and comes from a place of honest creativity.

Saying this, please don't hesitate to ask me questions because I love to talk about my work and connect with you!

Let's connect!

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