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Gifting original art for Christmas

Original art is a personal, timeless gift, that is a great idea for any occasion, but especially for Christmas because people are inside their homes a lot more in the winter and filling those blank walls with meaningful art creates a much warmer atmosphere.

Not everyone knows where to even begin when trying to find the perfect painting for a family or friend while keeping it a surprise, as it is a deeply personal and emotional connection that draws people to want certain work. However, using the methods I describe below I can make sure you choose the right painting, risk-free.

  1. Purchase a gift voucher

This is probably the easiest way of gifting original art, allowing the receiver to choose whatever one they want themselves, and have it delivered straight to their door for Christmas. A voucher means that they can choose their favourite in their own time. Especially with the new lockdown rules, we may not be able to visit friends and family in person, so this is a great way to send them a meaningful gift from a distance. You can even ask to include a note in with the painting as well.

*These vouchers also apply to commissioned work - which leads me on to my next point.

2. Commission a painting

A very common way of gifting original art is to get a commission of something you already know they will love. This might be a pet, a portrait or maybe a painting of a special holiday location that holds good memories. I encourage those interested in commissioning work to get in touch in advance to ensure the work is completed in time!

3. Choosing a pre-done original

If you want to have something physical for them to open on the day, then you will need to take the plunge and choose something yourself. It might be worth taking a look at other artwork they have up in their home, or the way they have decorated their interior as this might give some clues as to what they would choose for themselves.

If it does turn out that they would rather something else, and you live locally, I am happy to exchange the painting for another as long as it has stayed in perfect condition.

4. Book a viewing

Another safe way to allow them to choose their favourite is to book a viewing. At private viewings, I will put out a selection of work that you might be interested in, or have asked specifically to see in person and you can make a decision there and then! This becomes a fun experience as well, almost like a mini private exhibition which can add to the gift anyway. To arrange this, please get in touch to book a date & time. (With the current covid-guidelines, this option is limited)

5. Request a mock-up image

Another way to make sure you get the painting right is to request a mock-up image to present to them on the day instead of the real thing. A mock-up is a photoshopped image of the painting into your home interior. To make sure this works, you need to photograph the wall space head on, (no angles!) and in bright natural daylight, and then send this photo to me to edit. This is great for people who have trouble visualising what it might look like in the space. You can even do this with a couple of paintings so that they have a choice!

If they like them, you can then come and collect the real thing.

To request a mock-up, just get send me an email and it's completely free so why not!

6. Keeping it a secret

Original paintings, especially large ones, can't just be shoved in a closet, which means they can be difficult gifts to hide. For this reason, you can purchase now but collect it a couple days before Christmas or if purchasing online, schedule a date for it to be delivered so that you don't have to store it. To arrange this, you'll need to send me a message.

6. Gift wrapping

Lastly, lots of us love to wrap our gifts up so that they are exciting to open and feel special. For the Christmas period only, I will be offering a free gift wrap service. I've got a long way to go still, but I'm trying to be as sustainable as possible so for that reason, I do not use traditional wrapping paper as it cannot be recycled. Instead I use a plain brown wrapping paper and decorate with golden bows - simple but effective. If you would like the painting gift wrapped, please add this in the purchase notes, or send me an email.

I hope this has been a helpful blog post and has made you aware of how you can gift original art, risk free, and I hope that despite everything, that it will be a happy time of year.

- Sophie


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