5:30 AM

5:30 AM


"5:30 AM" Original mixed media on canvas


Painting 11 from the "DARK NIGHT" collection. Represents 5:30 AM


- 40 x 100 cm

- Acrylic & gilding wax

- 3.5 cm Deep-edged canvas (edges painted black)

- Varnished & wired

- Signed front & back


"5:30 AM" is literally named the time that it represents, and the reason for this is because I feel like everyone knows what that early hour in the morning stands for. The weird special feeling you get when you are awake just as dawn is on it's way, but the rest of the world is still sleeping.

A lot of people choose to wake up this early every day, so that they can experience this hour and to reflect. The candle and the written papers sort of create that atmosphere of deep reflection.

The overall impact of this painting on the wall, is the sense of peace and warmth that it creates. At this point, the dark night is ending, so this painting is like finally being able to rest.



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