"Blackout" Original canvas painting


Represents 12:02 PM  from the DARK NIGHT collection


"Blackout" is a painting that appears simple, but for me personally - (and hopefully to those that see it in the flesh) it captures an emotion that I can't quite put into words. 

It sort of represents an ending, which is in contrast to the fact that.a brand new day has actually begun. Being in a dark place can feel a lot like that though - beginnings and endings are jumbled and your sense of time is off.

While this picture represents the darkest point in the night, there is still the imagery of the lamps and the golden words, which represent hope. When tilting the painting to a dark space, the words almost disappear and the art appears dim, but when you angle it towards a light, the words light up and shine, making the whole image glow.

Your pespective of this painting will change, depending on the time and place you were coming at it from.




- Mixed media (Acrylic & gilding wax/fluid)

- Stretched canvas, framed

- Varnished

- Signed front & back

- Comes with a certificate of authenticity

- Professionally framed in a modern black, floater frame.



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© 2020 by Sophie Bridgland.