By His Light

By His Light


- 60 x 45 cm

- Mixed media & Acrylic

- Hanging wire attached.

- Deep edged canvas, edged painted black,

- Signed, and coated in a gloss varnish


When His lamp shone upon my head, And when by His light I walked through darkness;

Job 29:3


This artwork was inspired by a street lamp found in a park in Brighton, which is why it is part of the "Brighton collection". 

This painting is very special to me, because while moving alone to another city was one of the most exciting things I've ever done, it was also very challenging and lonely. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I found I had to rely heavily on my beliefs to get me through the harder moments. 

This small park in particular was a place I could go to which made me feel at peace, with it's beautiful little pond, wildlife, and quirky lamps.

The lamp represents my source of light when I felt I couldn't see a way forward, and a security that I could hold onto, knowing that when it got really dark the lamp would shine on my head, and I would be able to keep moving forward.