"Choices" Greeting Card

"Choices" Greeting Card


Send someone a unique greeting card for any occasion, whether that be birthday, thank you, congratulations etc. with my brand new design based on my original artwork "Choices".


- Printed on quality 300gsm Silk card with envelope included.

- 148 x 148 cm card, blank inside.

- Comes packaged in a bio-degradable cello bag.

- Save 15% when you buy 6 or more.


This unique, quality square greeting card has been printed with my original painting "Choices" and depicts a sign post with arrows pointing in many different directions.

This artwork represents the moments in life where we hit a cross-roads that requires us to make a decision and choose which road to go down. It's also highlighting the fact that we have many roads open to us. It may feel as if there is only one path for us and that we must travel it, but the reality is we do have a choice.

Send this card to someone who may be at a pivotal, decision-making moment in life to show that you support them whatever road they choose, and to remind them that the whole world is open for them to explore!




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