Dark Night

Dark Night


"Against All Odds" Original canvas painting


Artwork 2, from the "Dark Night" collection. Represents 9:12 PM


- 60 x 60 cm

- Acrylic & gilding wax

- 3.5 cm depth canvas, edges painted black

- Varnished & wired

- Signed front & back

- Comes with certificate of authenticity


"Dark Night" really sets the scene of the night, depicting an isolated barn/shack/hut in the middle of the woods. Even though the barn seems to be hidden in the dense woodland, you'll notice that there are lamps lighting the way towards it, as if it has been expecting someone to enter it.

The barn represents a safe hiding place made available for someone who has found themselves lost in the woods, and needs to shelter for the duration of the night.

In the home it creates a really cosy atmosphere, and looks particularly special at night.



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