Enter In

Enter In


- 60 x 45 cm

- Mixed media & Acrylic

- Hanging wire attached.

- Deep edged canvas


"Enter In" is a very unique painting, depicting a tunnel lined with graffiti, which opens up into beautiful, green surroundings. We've all heard of the common phrase, "light at the end of the tunnel" which is telling us to focus on the ending, and the light part of the story. I named this painting "Enter In" because to actually reach that place of light, it requires us to first go through the dark tunnel and to make the choice to walk down a path of suffering in order to come out into something worth waiting for. It comes from the perspective of being aware of the difficulties to come, but entering in regardless, trusting that even through we can only view a snippet of what's to come, that it will be worth giving up life's comfort's to get to that place.


While this painting may not be the sort of thing most would have up in their living room wall, I think this piece of art can serve as a visual reminder of hope for anyone who feels they are walking down a long dark tunnel, to remind them that there will be an end, and the end will be greater than the beginning becuase of all you've gone through.