Head In The Clouds

Head In The Clouds


- 100 x 100 cm

- Original Painting "Head in the Clouds"

- Mixed media and acrylic, with gilding wax and relief paste.

- Deep edged canvas

- Hanging wire attached.


This painting is part of the Brighton collection, a series of work inspired by my time living in Brighton city. The phrase "Head in the clouds" is often used as a negative phrase, to imply that someone is unaware of what's going on, or is daydreaming, however this is not the meaning of this painting. 

In this case, it actually represents being present in the midst of a storm, where most would hide themselves away and shelter from the elements, this seagull has chosen to fly up anyway, head in the clouds to face this storm head on.

There is strength and power in this painting, and its large size and moody atmosphere causes it to become a real statement piece in the home.



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