Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought


"Music to My Ears" Original canvas painting


With a pen in hand, it’s hard not to get swept up inside your head. Words jumble about your mind like a bingo machine as each one rolls out; a new sequence, a new line-up. The result of a thousand random moments condensed and ordered. Except no one can win at this game. Plucking at memories, observations, a story fumbles its way into existence. It wants to be told, needs to be told. It breeds inside your heart. Others watch your gaze stare off into another world, oblivious to the sounds of the present moment filtering their way through the chaos - you filter out it all. It’s just you and a pen and a life that has just started living. Lost in thought. A book waiting to happen..


Written by @mymindspeaksaloud 


- 60 x 80 cm 

- Deep edged canvas, unframed, edges painted black

- Mixed media & acrylic

- Varnished & wired, ready to hang

- Signed front & back

- Comes with certifcate of authenticity