Pulling Me Backwards

Pulling Me Backwards


"Pulling Me Backwards" Original painting f


Represents 2:37 AM from the DARK NIGHT collection


 Have you ever imagined a situation in your life where if you had been just 2 minutes late or two minutes early, and your entire life would be different... and yet here you are, in this version of time where you've been through all that you did, and this is the outcome.


If you could know how much influence one small desicion you're going to make later today will have on your whole timeline of existence, would you still be able to make it?


Why does a quiet, dark night, bring up the questions that can never be answered. Can we ever find peace knowing nothing at all?


- Mixed media (Acrylics & Gilding wax)

- 20 x 20 cm

- Thin-edged canvas

- Hanging attachment on back

- Gloss varnished

- Signed front & back

- Professionally framed in a modern black, floater frame.




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© 2020 by Sophie Bridgland.