- 6" x 4"

- Thin-edged canvas

- Acrylic & Gilding wax

- Hanging attachment on back.


This painting represents the beauty and vibrancy of the soul, the most secret and personal part of every human being. I believe it is what connects us to nature, to each other, to the things that we cannot see. It is a complex and extremely deep part of who we are, and to capture it is to allow yourself to be creative and to express, without influence or direction. To forget all that you know, and simply draw from what you are.

With the vibrant turquoise colouring, and metallic texture which will catch the light, this painting is small but has a huge impact, bringing colour and creativity wherever it sits.

Mini paintings like this one are so versatile in how they can be styled. Framed on a desk, mounted on the wall, or paired with a collection to create a wall montage, there are so many ways to add this artwork to your home.


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