To be Revealed

To be Revealed


"To be Revealed" Original canvas painting


Artwork 1, from the "Dark Night" collection. Represents 8:18 PM


- 50 x 40 cm

- Acrylic & gilding wax

- 3.5 cm depth canvas, edges painted black

- Varnished & wired

- Signed front & back

- Comes with certificate of authenticity


"To Be Revealed" is a painting of an intricate table lamp casting shadows on the wall behind it. This painting represents 8:18 PM, the first painting of the night, and signifies the beginning of a journey. This lamp is a bit like a tree, in the way that many little branches seem to come off of the main branch, and each branch has branches coming off that. For me, it paints a picture of the pathways of life, we are following a road and have the choice to go down all these little twists and turns that lead us to different outcomes.

It's a painting that feels loaded with secrets and the mysteries of the future. Everything is yet to be revealed, which path gets taken, what outcome, where it all leads. All the decisions and the unknown complexities of life. It has both light and shadow, warm and cool tones, blurriness and sharpness.



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© 2020 by Sophie Bridgland.