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2022 - A Year Of Painting

Another year has passed, and I love to reflect back on what I have created throughout the past 12 months. Artistically, this year has felt quite dramatic in the risks I have taken, and the variety of subject matter and experimentation.

I have made some important realisations about what direction I want to go in moving forward, and am excited in 2023 to really develop what I enjoy most, and hopefully gain more exhibition experience and gallery representation.

Business has been difficult this year, and while I have enjoyed some amazing moments such as exhibiting in London in September, there have been ups and downs, wins and losses.

That being said, I'm pleased with the work I made this year, and hope you enjoy a look through my top 12 paintings from this years portfolio and a hint at what you can expect from me in 2023.



  1. "Place of Possibilities"


2. "Cirque"

In February I launched my collection of work "Welcome to the funfair"


3. "And I knew that spring was coming"


4. "Chaos in the country"


5. "Happy about it"


6. "Can't be far off"

This piece kicked off my new collection "THE JOURNEY" (Due to launch in Feb 2023!)


7. "It Certainly Will"


8. "Been here Before"


9. "Walk me through it"

London art exhibition at Zari Gallery - a highlight of the year!!


10. "A Time is Coming"


"A time to rise"


"For as long as it takes"

HELLO 2023

First off, I will be launching my brand new collection "The Journey" early 2023 so keep an eye out for a blog post all about the new work.

Once this collection has been completed and released, I will be continuing to follow where my inspiration takes me. I have been enjoying painting larger works, and below is a new piece that I feel sets the tone for where I will be going artistically in 2023. Make sure to follow me on instagram, facebook or pinterest to keep updated. You can also join my mailing list to receive discounts, early notifications of new work and random update emails from me which used to be monthly but I won't make any promises on that.

Instagram: @sophiebridgland_art

Facebook: @sophiebridglandart

Pinterest: @sophiebridglandartist

Thank you so much for reading and happy new year!

- Sophie

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