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2023: A year in paintings, art inspiration for the new year

As usual, I end the year with a summary of my creative works that I completed this year and a look into what I will be up in the following year. This year has been slightly different, as I have been in the thick of an architecture degree at university, and so I have not had the time I usually have to create. That being said, I still made it a priority to keep painting and expanding my portfolio, so with that being said, I hope you enjoy scrolling through my year in paintings, and that you get some art inspiration for the new year!

  1. January

Ballerina canvas painting
"The dance"

Canvas painting
"Ready to go" From the journey collection

2. February

Canvas painting
"Going, gone" From the journey collection

Original art collection

On the 11/02/23 I launched my collection of original works "The Journey". There is a whole separate blog post I wrote on my inspirations for this project and the meanings behind the artwork so please check that out if you are interested! I'll leave the link below:

3. March

Canvas painting on the wall
"Empty Courts" From the fun and games collection

In March, having finished "the Journey", I started my new collection called "Fun and Games" which will launch this year, 2024 in springtime.

This month was also the month where I had an art exhibition in London at Zari Gallery.

Art exhibition in London
Zari gallery, London

Art exhibition in London

art exhibition in London

4. April

In April I kicked off the first of my live wedding paintings for the year up in Norfolk.

Wedding painting

Wedding painting

I also continued to create work for the "Fun and Games" collection

Canvas painting
"Fast Forward" Fun and Games collection

Abstract canvas painting
"Light and easy" Fun and Games collection

5. May

Canvas painting
"Strike" Fun and games collection

6. June

June was spent creating these two commissioned pieces for a client.

canvas painting

acrylic painting

As well as another live wedding painting!

Wedding canvas painting

7. July

Watercolour painting
"A Trace of Something"

8. August

canvas painting
Live wedding painting, South Wales

9. September

Acrylic painting
"Roll the Dice" Fun and Games collection

acrylic painting
"Roll the Dice" fun and games collection

In September I finally finished one of my more ambitious pieces which took me about 2 months to complete. For me, this is the piece I'm most proud of this year, as I really challenged myself with the subject matter and the technique.

Wedding painting
Another live wedding!

10. October

Acrylic canvas painting, Chicago

Acrylic canvas painting

Acrylic painting

Acrylic painting

4 tiny box canvas paintings were commissioned and sent off to America!

11. November

Acrylic canvas painting

Acrylic canvas painting
"Out of the box" Fun and games collection

Christmas painting
"A Seat at the table"

Every year I create a Christmas card design, and this year was no different!

12. December

Acrylic painting
"Just a game" Fun and games collection

I continued to make work for my new collection before I took a break for Christmas. I'm excited to get back to it this January 2024, and can't wait to launch this collection on my website soon!

This year has been an extremely varied year, going from weddings to still life's, to commissioned pieces with eggs and the odd landscape. It's fit the year 2023 quite well I would say.. a bit random but we love it!

I hope you enjoyed looking through my 2023 recap and thank you so much for reading!

Sophie xx

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