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"After the Rain" Story behind the artwork

"After the Rain"

This small painting was really enjoyable to paint, and I find that it just makes people smile when they see it. The title "After the Rain" was inspired by the use of warm green, earthy tones in this painting, which reminded me of the way everything appears to be greener, and more alive after a big rainstorm. I can imagine that particular smell of rain on the earth, and the sun catching all the wet leaves making them sparkle.

The idea of this painting is that after the chaos of the rain has gone, out come the little creatures that had all been in hiding. The painting is capturing that moment when the sun shines again and it's like the world is saying "It's alright, you can come out now."

At first it was just the one little dormouse, but it seemed like he needed company so I added the little sibling just peeping out from behind.

This painting has a fresh, spring-like feel, and hopefully captures the wonder and excitement of the start of summer. It would be a fantastic addition to a bedroom, or study space. It is still for sale, so please message me if you're interested!

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