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"Birdsong" Story behind the artwork...

This small painting is one of my personal favourites for several reasons. I went straight into this painting using only my imagination, with no reference photos or pre-sketched idea, and so I felt the freedom to concentrate purely on colours and shapes. Overtime, I noticed the colours I choose were very earthy, and so I began to form trees.

When the background was finished, I decided to add the robins to give the painting more life, and something to focus on.

For me, this painting represents a place, whether that is a real-life natural place, or just a place in your mind where you can find peace and freedom. When I was younger, I used to imagine that I could go to this perfect world, and the birds would be singing, trees swaying, colours bright. This painting takes me to that place, and simply makes me feel very happy.

The colours are warming, with the gold which will shimmer in changing lighting. This painting is perfect for any place in the home, but it's especially suited to a bedroom or living space where you go to rest. As a small painting, in can either be hung on a wall as it is, or it would also look great framed, or maybe a desk accessory.

If you would like to purchase this artwork, please contact me here or via my social media. I would love to hear from you. I also exhibit regularly around Reading and Brighton where I'm based, so sign up to my mailing list to keep posted when new events are happening.

Thanks for reading,

- Sophie

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