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"Eternal" Story behind the artwork...

Eternal: lasting or existing forever; without end.

"Eternal" 2018

This large 100 x 100cm Original canvas painting was painting purely from an unknown place in my head. I used no reference photo or actual landscape to draw inspiration from. Since this isn't a painting of reality, but rather a concept, I like to imagine these flowers going on and on. The whole meaning of the painting itself is to represent life and death. From this perspective, we can only see as far as the horizon line, and should we stay where we are, we could easily think that the line is the cut-off point, or the end. However, if we continue onwards, we will find that it doesn't necessarily end where we thought in might. The only thing that changes along the way is the light.

Like in real life, looking at this painting close up will look like a bunch of messy lines and marks that make no sense. It's only when you take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture, that you will see how each mark comes together to form something beautiful, and orderly. The flowers have been planted in rows, but each flower has the freedom to flourish in that row.

This painting creates a sense of freedom and space in a room, as it's large size and rows of flowers will draw you in and create a window. Since this painting is heavily textured, you will find it looks different in the changing light of the day. The purpose of it is to remind us too look at the bigger picture, when the small details are looking messy, and to know that what me might have thought was the end, may only be the beginning.

As a mixed media painting, it was created using a combination of acrylic paints, texture paste, inks, spray paint, pebeo mixed media products and various other materials that I chuck on at random. The original painting is still available to purchase in the shop, or hand embellished prints and greeting cards can also be ordered. Please contact me for more information.

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