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"Here I Am" Story behind the artwork

"Here I Am" 2019

"Here I Am" is a large 100 x 150 cm canvas painting, created with acrylics, gilding wax and various textures beneath. Due to the large size of this painting, it really feels like you are standing amongst the trees in the forest when it's hung on the wall. With all the beautiful earthy colours and gold accents, it really stands out on a crisp white wall in natural light.

The meaning of this artwork is to be present. The animal hanging from the tree is a lemur, and it seems to be looking straight at you, saying "Here I am". I am listening, I see you, I am here, and I am present in this moment. It's about taking time to give someone your full attention and focus.

Some people have said to me that they would prefer this painting without the lemur in the middle of it, because it distracts from the beautiful forest. That's fair enough, but I personally love it and I think it's quite funny in that sense because it's like "Here I Am and there's nothing you can do about it."

This painting requires a fairly large wall to be hung, and would look great in a modern, open plan space full of natural light. I would recommend spotlights to be shone directly onto all my artwork, but especially this one as it will really bring out the shimmery metallic accents. If you feel this painting is for, please get in touch via my website or social media. You can also pop round to my studio if you would like to see this in person.

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Thanks for reading,

- Sophie

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