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"In The Making" Story behind the artwork...

"In the Making" 2018

This painting may be small, but it adds so much more when hung on the wall. The bright yellow colours, combined with the florals create a summery, warm feeling. This painting depicts bumble bees hard at work, collecting pollen. This is a vital stage in the process of making honey, which is why I named the artwork "In the making".

Sometimes the process of creating something can be tiring, and feel really hard, even though we know that good things will happen because of the all the work we put in. This painting is a reminder to enjoy where we're at in the process, and find beauty in the making, not just in the final outcome. The yellow colours should bring a sense of joy, and happiness.

I recommend hanging this artwork in a well lit room, on a wall or sideboard that will compliment it's long, thin shape. It's perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, but especially office or work spaces, as it represents the kind of message we all need to hear when working towards a goal.

This painting is still for sale, so please contact me to purchase this work or ask any questions. Thanks for reading,

- Sophie

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