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"Limitless" Story behind the artwork...

Limitless: without end, limit, or boundary.

This artwork is a mixed media canvas painting of swallows, flying together in the open air. I created this piece to represent freedom, and unlimited potential. Each swallow is flying, with it's wings spread wide open, soaring together in the blue sky.

My aim was to create an artwork that would be inspiring, uplifting, and that would bring a feeling of the outdoors into the room. Due to the neutral colours, and cool tones, this painting looks beautiful in all rooms in the home, and looks very fresh.

When placed in a well lit space, the metallic golden wax and sparkles shimmer. I absolutely love this painting for it's simplistic beauty, and the way it adds a brightness to a space.

If this is the painting for you, please send me a message via my website or social media.

Thanks for reading,

- Sophie

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