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"Little Things" Story behind the artwork

"Little Things"

This painting is a mixture of oils, acrylics and mixed media products. The idea was to create a close-up perspective of pansies that would look simple and beautiful on a wall or stand. The concept of the painting is to remind us of the 'little things' that are often overlooked or ignored, but when we take the time to really look, we can see how much beauty there is around us. Each pansy is like a little thing, or moment in life that brings us a lot of joy, but isn't jumping out as an obvious blessing. Sometimes in the busyness of life it is easy to stop doing or focusing on the seemingly insignificant things that make us happy, but I think it's really important that we do. This painting is a reminder of that, and I hope that the painting itself would be a little thing that brings joy into someone's life.

This painting is still available to purchase so please send me a message via my website or contact me through social media. Thanks for reading!


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