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"Middle of Nowhere" Story behind the artwork...

"Middle of Nowhere" 2019

This painting is very simplistic in design, as well as colour choice. It's quite a sad picture, depicting a barren landscape, and a tree without leaves. I have always loved the idea of the changing seasons (Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring) also representing seasons in our own lives. This theme can definitely be seen in a lot of my other paintings, for example, "Seasons Change" 2017 and "The Wind Blows Where it Wishes" 2018 seen in the images below.

"Seasons Change" (SOLD)

"Wind Blows Where It Wishes" (SOLD)

The landscape in "Middle of Nowhere" is very empty and dry, which is something that I'm sure all of us have felt like our lives have been like at some point. When it feels like everything around us that gives us comfort gets taken away, and we stand as a lone tree, stripped of colour and life in an open field, it literally does feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Not going anywhere, not sure how we got here. The watery sky in this painting represents tears, and the metallic touches of gold and the silver lining is a reflection of the moments of beauty amongst the pain.

Despite what this painting is all about, it serves as a reminder to us that as long as the sun rises and sets, time is moving on and the season will change. Tree's don't uproot and go searching for a better life, because the season is still the same, no matter where it plants itself. The tree stays with it's roots firmly in place, strong and secure, because it knows that leaves will grow again and the wait will have been worth it.

There is light on the horizon in the painting, which illuminates every branch that held on, and every blade of grass that grew and survived, despite the harsh conditions.

This painting looks best placed in a room that is well lit by natural light, on a plain, light coloured wall. It would fit well with both contemporary or traditional home decor.

If this painting is for you, and would work well in your home then please get in touch, as it is still for sale. If you would like to see this painting in person before buying, and you are local to the Berkshire area/ East Sussex you can arrange a studio visit.

Thank for reading,

- Sophie

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