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"Moving On" Story behind the artwork...

"Moving On" 2019

This painting, "moving on", has simple but beautiful imagery that represents the english countryside in autumn. I wanted to capture the warm, golden tones that are special and unique to this time of year, and to create an almost magical atmosphere.

I added the horse to this painting, to bring in some life, and a focal point.

The reason this painting is called "Moving On", is because it represents time passing. As the end of the year approaches, a lot of us begin to reflect on life, as well as look on to the next year and all that it might hold. It's about recognising that no matter whether the past year was a hard one, or maybe a lovely one, it's a beautiful thing to let go.

In the painting, the leaves are being blown off the tree and away in the wind, and the horse is also looking away in that direction. The future is on the horizon, and the horse is looking towards it, already moving on to what may come. The old leaves may have fallen from the tree, but they are now leading the way towards the next destination. Everything we do in the past is leading the way forward.

For those who find the winter especially hard, and find the dark nights depressing, this painting is a reminder that time will pass, summer always comes around again, and also to just enjoy each season for what it is. There are beautiful things in the present, and beautiful things to come.

To make the most of this painting, hang framed or unframed on a clean, uncluttered wall space, with plenty of natural light to help bring out the golden tones. Suitable for either modern or traditional styled interiors.

If you feel this painting is for you, please get in touch to purchase the painting, and send me a message via my website or social media.

Thanks for reading,

- Sophie

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