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Paintings from "Dark Night": Night Photography Shots

A big feature of my new collection of paintings, is the way they appear different in artificial light, compared to natural daylight, due to the metallic silver and gold shades that have been mixed in with the colours. To fully capture this, as well as show the paintings in context, I took photos of some of the paintings outside in the pitch black, using the flash of my camera to light up the paintings.

Unfortunately I didn't get to photograph every painting, because some of them were too big, but I love the way these ones below turned out.


"Dark Night"

This third one looked really interesting with the shadows of a rose bush creating a pattern on the surface of the painting.

"Pulling Me Backwards"

"Unexpected Keys"



More information about this collection will be posted in my blog very soon, but I'm also sharing lots of updates and photos on facebook too, so make sure you follow me there if you are interested. @sophiebridglandart

- Sophie

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