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"Pink Me Up When I'm Down": Story behind the artwork...

"Pink Me Up When I'm Down"

On the surface, this painting brings joy, amusement, colour, and overall is very up lifting. Flamingoes are loved by most, for their quirkiness and amazing pink colour! This is what I wanted the painting to represent, and what I tried hard to create. That's where the problem lies - I actually had to 'try', to make this painting what it is. It didn't flow naturally, and I remember at one point wishing I had never started. I have fazes where I question my ability to produce artwork, and it feels like hands just won't produce the images that I have in mind. This painting was in the midst of one of these fazes, and to go along with that, I was just generally feeling really down in dumps.

I felt the irony of painting such a happy, pink, joyful painting when I was literally feeling the opposite. However this wasn't a rare thing for me, because I often paint really 'joyous' paintings when I'm feeling my worst. Maybe it's my way of expressing how I would like to be feeling, rather than what I actually am. I don't really know.

Throughout the entire process of this painting, I kept thinking "this is too much pink", but it didn't matter how hard I tried to incorporate other colours to balance it out, I just couldn't do it. I got that feeling of completion at the end, but I just didn't like it at all.

There is usually a gap between me finishing a painting and then naming a painting. I have to wait until the painting makes sense, or in this case, I needed to 'like' it. This painting grew on me over time, and I began to find the whole situation very funny. Part of me sat their under a rain cloud, and the other half was there going wild, bringing out her inner child, painting everything in shades of pink. It did lift my spirits. There was some joy inside even when things felt bad. I look at this painting and it makes me laugh. It pinks me up when I'm down. Of course the title had to be a pun, because I needed the amusement to be there. The fun. This painting says, colours don't disappear when it rains. Especially not pink!

Is this painting too much. Not for me. I can't wait to see the brave soul who will hang this piece of their wall.

It still is for sale in the shop, so please message me your interest or ask any questions. Thanks for reading,

- Sophie

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