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"See the world in colour" The new collection.

Introducing my latest collection to be released Autumn, 2021. "See the world in colour" is a series of work that has been painted with the aim of creating pieces that are full of colours; vibrant and beautiful.

When I first got my car, I chose the colour 'mint' because I thought it was really unusual and I wanted something different from all the other car colours on the road. After I started driving it, I saw mint cars everywhere, and I think this is because when something is on your mind, you see that thing everywhere, whereas before, it hadn't been on my mind so I hadn't noticed.

There's been a lot on everyone's mind, and it's been easy to focus on the negative, and I guess this collection is a reminder to see the world in colour again, because if we can focus on what is beautiful still in this world, we're likely to begin to see more and more of that, wherever we look.



This collection came about very naturally, in the sense that I didn't plan any of the subjects/ colours, I just painted what I felt like in the moment. My main inspiration was landscapes, plants & trees - and how the colours and atmosphere changes with the seasons.

If you have read my previous blog post: rediscovering watercolours you'll know that I recently started using watercolour paints a lot more, and have been developing my style in this medium, which is why the majority of the pieces in this collection are actually watercolours rather than canvases.

I'm not much of an abstract painter, but some of the pieces in this collection I would definitely class as abstract, and I think this was just the result of me really enjoying and focusing on the colours, rather than the subject. I never thought it would be something I would do, but actually, these abstract pieces are in my top 10 of favourites!

Capturing Seasons:

"Colours of the Autumn"

All the colours used in this series have been inspired by the colours of the seasons, and certain paintings reflect a certain time of year. For example "Colours of the autumn" representing the warmth of autumn, "Clarity" reflecting the coolness of winter and "Colours of the meadow" representing spring/summer.

"Colours of the Meadow"


"See the world in colour" In the home:

"Always Changing"

Painting the art for this collection has been very therapeutic for me. It hasn't felt like I was pushing myself to create masterpieces, it was just me getting back to the basics and enjoying creativity, and I think that this is the sort of effect it will have in the home. They aren't going to be bold, statement pieces, but they will be there just to be soft and beautiful for those who love them.

The watercolour paintings are being sold unframed, because of the unpredictability of my sales, I unfortunately can't invest in and store frames at this point, however I can help recommend some good local framers and the type of frame that would look best for the artwork.

The paintings have a deckled edge, which means they will look great with a 'float frame' which allows you to see the edges and gives the effect that the work is floating in the frame.

Most framers will be familiar with this technique and will be able to create this effect with the artwork.

The collection that keeps on giving:

This collection launches on the 23rd October, with the pieces that are pre-done, but because this has been such an enjoyable series of work, and something that I feel has allowed me to be more creative, I don't just want to stop here. I will very likely continue to create more abstract, colourful nature inspired work and I intent to just add it to this pre-existing collection.

Any new work that I create for this collection will be added to the "See the world in colour" drop down gallery from the "SHOP" menu, and my mailing list subscribers will be notified as usual of any new available pieces.

How can I purchase work from this collection?

"Where the heart is"

All the work from this collection will become available to purchase on my website on Saturday the 23rd October, 2021. Under the "SHOP" section will be the header "See the world in colour". Click on that and all the paintings will be there in more detail.

My email subscribers get early access and will receive an email with all the work & details included. If you haven't signed up already, you can sign up in the subscribe bar below.

If you have any questions about any of the pieces, please don't hesitate to get in touch, or leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading

- Sophie

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