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"Source of Life" Story behind the artwork...

March 2019 Painting of the month: "Source of Life"

This was a painting that I started without any sort of plan or idea for where it was going. I knew that I wanted to use vibrant colours and lots of texture, so I went from there. It's more fun this way! As the background developed, and became very bold and chaotic, I began to wonder what I could possibly add to the painting that wouldn't get lost into the background. It couldn't just be something that lived in the surroundings, it had be part of it. Out came... the hummingbird.

"Source of Life"

Let me tell you a few interesting facts about hummingbirds that I discovered while researching. First of all, they are one of the smallest species of bird, but are absolutely incredible little creatures. They get their name from the 'humming' sound that their wings make when they flap at incredibly high speeds. Of course, all this intense flapping means that they have a very high metabolic rate and so they need to take in lots of energy throughout the day. All hummingbirds solely depend on flower nectar as their fuel. It is essentially their "Source of life".

For me, this is how the painting seemed to come together. This highly energetic creature, drawing energy from the overwhelming bright textured surroundings. It was all about creating something so vibrant, and awakening, with so much going on. Everything is green and fresh and this is probably not the right word but "juicy" is what comes to mind when I look at it.

It took many layers to complete this piece, and it was one of those paintings where I couldn't work out when to stop. I actually wasn't happy with it when I first finished, and the process of creating it had been a frustrating journey, but overtime it has grown on me. I like the fact that it reminds me to stop at think about what my own source of life is. Everyone is so busy these days, rushing around living life, and we forget that we are slowly running out of fuel. Where are the flowers that keep you going. What is the nectar?

I'm going to leave you with that deep question, and if it's something you feel you should be reminding yourself of daily, then maybe this is the painting for you (wink wink). Joking, but it is still for sale, so feel free to get in touch if your interested!

Thanks again for reading, and let me know in the comments what you think about this piece!

- Sophie

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