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"The Bells are Ringing" Story behind the artwork...

May 2019 Art story of the month..."The Bells are Ringing"

This painting was unplanned, and I really enjoyed painting it. It seemed to almost paint itself, as I found myself seeing the flowers appear before I painted them. This is a painting that represents celebration and joy, and it is also a like a call. I aimed to create a painting that will create a sense of anticipation, excitement, and celebration, without being overpowering.

The name itself is inspired by the foxgloves, which are known for their tubular flowers which look a bit like bells. I found out that the name 'foxglove' is actually derived from a Norwegian musical instrument which is shaped like a stick of bells. Foxgloves typically bloom mid-summer, so I aimed to paint with colours that seemed warm and slightly hazy, to recreate the feel of a humid summers day.

They come in many beautiful colours, but I chose white to represent the idea of a marriage celebration. The bells, the celebratory theme and the white shades all come together to create this impression.

I painted the flowers to be large and up-close, as I wanted this painting to be demanding your attention. There is a sense of urgency with the bells ringing, and it's saying "the marriage celebration is happening, don't miss out!". Come and be a part of it all.

I know this is short, but that sums it all up, so I hope you enjoyed reading about this artwork, and if you would be interested in purchasing it, it is still for sale and can be found in the "SHOP" section of my website. Please feel free to message me for more details. Thanks.

- Sophie

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