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"Through it All" Story behind the artwork

This is a larger painting at 100 x 120 cm, and would definitely make a statement in any living space. The plan for this painting was to always paint the boat, however when I first started you wouldn't know that it began as a calm, sunset sky with pinks and warm shades. After I had completed the sunset sky, I looked back and found that it was lacking depth, and everything just seemed too calm. So out came the black paint and I just completely covered the sunset with looming storm clouds and rain, and the painting took off from there.

The name "Through it All' represents the idea that despite the struggle of sailing in a storm, and with the wind and waves coming at it from all sides, the boat is still upright. It hasn't sunk under the waters.

It's hard to tell how long the storm is going to last, yet we have to hold on tight and stay upright not knowing if we have the strength to stick it out.

Even though the painting depicts the struggle, there is still the suggestion of hope with the light catching the top of the sails, indicating that there is some light coming from the horizon.

When going through a hard time, sometimes envisioning a calm, beautiful sunset sea is not what we need, because that it not a place where we can see ourselves just yet. Mid storm, amongst all the violent waves, the boat is shining and afloat the water. It may be tossing and turning and being pulled it all directions, but the boat headed out for a reason and there is hope that it will make it, through it all.

This painting is still available to purchase, along with prints and greeting cards so please message me for more information. Thanks for reading,

- Sophie

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