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"Today is a Good Day" Story behind the artwork...

This is a very mini, simple painting, but is special because it's so uplifting and positive. Inspired a sandy beach on a summer's day, it represents that feeling of being bathed in sunlight, with nothing planned, just enjoying the simple beauty of the sea and being outside.

I believe this painting captures the freedom of a good summer's holiday, and the coast. Not everyone is privileged enough to have a sea view from their home, so this painting is for those who just love the sea and want to bring that coastal atmosphere into their home wherever they are.

The size of this artwork makes it a perfect addition to a desk or office space, or maybe hung on a small strip of wall. No matter whether it's raining outside, or things are going wrong, you can look at this painting in the morning and say to yourself "Today is a good day".

This artwork is still for sale, please message me to purchase! You can contact me via my website or through social media.

Thanks for reading.

- Sophie

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