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"Trailblazing" Story behind the artwork...

trailblazing: introducing new ideas or methods; innovative or pioneering.

This painting came out very different than I had planned. I was envisioning a gentle white horse with a background that created a calming, soothing presence. Instead it came out like a wild party! I felt like the horse took on it's own personality as the painting developed, and it seemed to want to be free and colourful, hence the name "Trailblazing". In this painting, it did feel like I was taking an unfamiliar route, using colours that weren't my usual go-to's and allowing the whole thing to be much more abstract. When taking a new path, it always feels a little uncomfortable, and it took me a while to accept the new direction that this artwork seemed to take. I love the uniqueness that is has because of it, and the sense of freedom that it has created.

The earthy colour palette would look great in both contemporary and traditional homes, and since this is a smaller painting, it would make a great desktop piece or hung on a small wall space. This painting adds life, fun and freedom to the room, and calls for a sense of adventure.

If this is the painting for you, contact me via my website or social media. Thanks for reading!

- Sophie

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