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"Triumph" Story behind the artwork...

"Triumph" Painting story of the month April 2019


This painting is very special to me, and actually represents many things for me personally. If you look up the definition of the word "Triumph" in the dictionary, it comes up with these meanings below:

1. a great victory or achievement.

2. the state of being victorious or successful.

3. joy or satisfaction resulting from a success or victory.

This was the first artwork that I painted after my first solo exhibition. That event had been a confirmation to me that I was on the right path and that everything that I've been working hard at could potentially be a success. Going back to painting again had taken on a whole new meaning, because I felt more empowered and encouraged after all the comments at the exhibit, and I had a new sense of purpose. There were definitely things that could have been better, and areas that I can learn from for next time, but no matter how small the victory, it was still a victory.

The reason I chose to paint elephants, is because they are strong, unshakeable, amazing creatures, that have a huge advantage in life because of their size and strength. Most predators will only go for baby elephants, because they know that they are no match for an adult. Elephants don't have to be aggressive to protect themselves, or hunt to stay alive. They triumph because they are naturally made strong, relying closely on their families and living off what the earth provides. When the enemy comes to attack, they can literally trample them beneath their feet.

The point of all this, is that this painting represents that spirit of being victorious, and triumphing over whatever comes at us. So many times leading up to the exhibition and even before that, I would doubt my ability, and question whether art was the road I should go down. I felt the pressure to give up so many times because I felt like nothing was happening, but persistence is what led me to have that exhibition, and now to be having my second one very soon. That is a triumph. There will always be predators, but then there's always another victory to be won.

Thank you for reading! This painting is still available to purchase through my website, or you can send me a message via my social media. A new painting story comes out the first week of every month, so make sure you subscribe to my mailing list if you want to keep updated. Thanks :)

- Sophie

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