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The photography that inspired "DARK NIGHT"

I've just finished creating work for my new collection "DARK NIGHT", so I thought I would share some of the inspiration behind this series, which is the photography that I have been using as references for my paintings. All of these photos have been taken by me, some of them actually from four or five years ago!

Most of these are fairly obvious as to which painting they have inspired, but the titles will be below.

Inspired "Hand-Crafted Tears"

Inspired "Intention"

Inspired "Pulling Me Backwards"

Inspired "Moment of Vision". I took this photo in the lighting department at John Lewis!

Inspired "Against all odds"

Inspired "Access"


That's all the photos that I used to inspire my paintings. The rest of the artwork from this collection was painted from my imagination.

The "DARK NIGHT" collection launches with a virtual online art exhibition on Friday the 19th February at 7:00 PM, but you can re-watch it anytime after that too.

You can watch the exhibition from either my facebook page or youtube.

Links are below:

- Sophie

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